De Groot Coffee Co. roasts and brews real good coffee in Port Elliot, South Australia. A family-run business, we like to keep things simple and make coffee that tastes delicious.


10 years ago Trevor De Groot (pictured above) and Bernadette Stack (who you’ll find on the about page) set up a little organic coffee house on Magill Road called Espresso Royale. De Groot Coffee Co. roasted its first batch of single origin and organic coffee beans in a shed behind Espresso Royale to supply the café.


In 2014 De Groot Coffee Co. moved to the south coast and opened up the roastery and cellar door in Port Elliot

De Groot Coffee Co. has been up and operating in the little surf town of Port Elliot for the past four years. The move was a whole-of-life change for their family – a doubling down on our commitment to good coffee, strong community and happy days. The company has grown but always maintained the approach of ‘quality over quantity’ when it comes to life and business. Serving single origin coffee only, De Groot is a little different to most roasters. We have three single origins for you to try at any given time. Come and visit us in Port Elliot for a cup or grab a bag of beans online any time.

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Los Guacharos

Los Guacharos are a group of independent, quality-focused small producers in Bruselas, Southern Huila (close to Pitalito). The group is collectively converting to organic agriculture, making their own fertilizers and fungicides, installing complex water filtration systems that use gravity, stones and sand to remove all mucilage residues from waste water to not contaminate water systems.



Varietal: Caturra
Flavour Profile: Big flavors of milk chocolate and malt. A robust milk based coffee.



Dota Tarrazu

Grown in the region of Santa Marta de Dota. A premium strictly hard bean. Located in the lush green hills of Tarrazu in the tranquil town of Santa Maria de Dota, the Coopedota cooperative operates as an important economic and cultural resource for the town’s tight-knit community. Coffee producers created the cooperative in 1960 to help with financing, coffee processing and exportation. Since then, Coopedota has evolved into a model cooperative of more than 800 members.

Varietal: Caturra & Catuai

MASL: 1550-1800

Flavour Profile: Bright light lot with peanut brittle & caramel flavours. Stonefruit acidity. Buttery syrupy bpody with a toffee, black tea and chocolate finish.




Sitio Rosiera

Inspired by their natural environment, Leda and José Edvaldo da Silva have dedicated the past 20 years to the sustainable cultivation of their specialty coffee. Leda and Jose strive to preserve their diverse surroundings of natural springs and forests, while producing high quality coffee beans. Their dedication to sustainable farming practices is a high priority.

Varietal: Catuai – Yellow
MASL: 1200
Flavour Profile: Beautiful black coffee. Berry fruit characters present, perfect acidity.