DeGroot Coffee Co: Coffee Beans

Welcome to DeGroot Coffee Co. We are a bespoke coffee roaster, offering high quality beans that are selected and roasted for individual character.

A coffee with character is something that you may not be used to tasting, but it's something we devote most of our working lives to providing. That's why our coffee tastes how it's grown, and that means a bean packed with personality that's ready to do a tap-dance over your tastebuds.

We believe in the power of coffee to bring people together and create communities. We believe in fairness and sustainability throughout the production process, from the small-scale farmers who pick and process our beans all the way through to our relationship with you, our customer.

Like our coffee, our business is run with a personal touch. Our family and work lives are intertwined, meaning that we're always up for talking about our craft. So if you're interested in speaking with us some more about our coffee, please see the get in touch link above!

Trevor De Groot and Bernadette Stack.